Duggz All Rounder Build Kodi 16 (Special)

Duggz Builds on Kodi
Duggz builds are a collection of Kodi builds that can be found on the essential Ares Wizard. Duggz has several builds based upon your needs and preferences. There is Sport – All Rounder – Clean – Kids – Lite. Duggz would consider The All Rounder build to be his main build but feel free to check them all out. Especially Sport. Duggz is active and constantly updating his builds for improvements. DUGGZ CLEAN BUILD…. This build is best for family viewing with no adult content this build will suit all the family with all the great add ons available. DUGGZ ALL ROUNDER 0.4.

…….. This has it all duggz most popular build with adult content and all the best add ons available you’ll never be stuck for something to watch again….. DUGGZ SPORT BUILD……. This is for the die hard sports fans with all the latest sport add ons available and working links this one would really suit your needs… DUGGZ KIDS BUILD V 0.1…… This is the first addition of the kids build atm and is purely full of stuff for you kids and no adult or stuff not suitable for kids is on this build smile emoticon DUGGZ LITE BUILD…… This is the first addition of the lite build. This build will be best suited for a newby to kodi or for someone who is looking for something easy and simple to navigate through at 209.23mb. We are showcasing The All Rounder Build in the video below so thanks to Kod! Krazy for the that. Be sure to sub to his YT channel. Support for Duggz Builds can be found on his friendly Facebook group for help and advice.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/c/GameofOhms

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